The importance of oral hygiene and a morning routine

The first couple of days we were here we were surprised at how quiet it was.

Most of our neighbors are retired — in fact I heard one of the guards at the front gate refer to us as “That nice young couple that moved into the A building”. Zing!

All was quiet until our upstairs neighbors returned from whereever they had been. Their first night home Handsome Husband  and I were lying in bed and he said “Is it just me or can you hear someone brushing their teeth?”  

Yes, we could. Also they apparently floss. Luckily it’s with the waxed floss so not as loud as the unwaxed.  

I’ve taken a couple of early morning walks along the marina. The marina has a large number of people who live aboard their boats year round. I noticed a couple of guys going back to their boats, leaving a small concrete building with newspapers under their arms and coffee mugs in hand. Figuring that I’d found a coffee shop I started towards it only to see it was in fact the public Men’s Room.

I suppose some people can’t get going without a sit down and the paper.


The giant ship is currently boarding passengers. All the crew are wearing RED tee shirts. Coincidence? сомневаюсь!

 On the docket for today “HOA Welcome Spring” cocktail party from 4-6.

 The complex has a lot of social happenings. Handsome Husband  has not yet joined the Men’s Club. Which meets every Tuesday.  At 9:30 am.



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