Spread your tiny wings and fly away . . . 

We have reached the point in the year where a quiet falls over Del Boca Sunset. 

The elevators and cubbies, usually a great place to pick up some gossip (“Did anyone else notice that Buick Riveria was in visitor parking late last night and early this morning? 🤔”) have been unusually empty. 

We’ve reached the time of year in the retiree calendar when those that can go to their “Winter Place”. The snowbirds have flown. 

On our hallway of six condos we are the only people in situ. Which gives it a bit of a Scooby Doo abandoned amusement park vibe. 

But not everyone in Del Boca is retired, or even older. The most popular person in both buildings is Skylar. By his very name he sets himself apart from the Martins, Olafs, Orvs and Barneys that populate the our halls.  But his name isn’t all. Imagine a 35 year old blonde EMT. Are you picturing a sideways smile and dimple? What about a slightly crooked front tooth so he doesn’t look too perfect? Yeah.  That’s him. 

At every party Skylar is surrounded by ladies asking him for help hanging a picture, or changing a light bulb or my favorite “get the winter linens down from a high shelf”. It all sounds a little like the story line to a DVD you aren’t allowed to rent unless you’re 18. 

Late winter does bring a buzz to the halls for the few of us still here. The Home Owners Association Board elections are around the corner and the rumor is two seats will be opening up. (cue Evita overture). 

One of the current board members told me that I should think of running. “Women are really wanting to vote for a woman now. I bet you’d get all of the women and maybe even some of the men!”


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