A Man a Woman and 1094 Square Feet

We woke up in our new home with a lot of boxes and not a lot of space. In order for our baseboards to be installed everything has to be 5 feet away from the walls. The mathematical impossibility of the bed being 5 feet away from both the east and the west walls sets in.

Missing item of the morning: tweezers. Work around of using pliers rejected.  Although not immediately. 

Still left to unpack: a surprising number of boxes with the cryptic tag “baseball cards”.

Hoping that when the big one hits we are forced to use black V necked tee shirts and pairs of scissors for currency. I WILL BE RICH!

 Stock tip: put your money into Kroeger and what ever company makes those Command Hooks.

 On a related note the Fred Meyer closest to our house is almost out of Command Hooks

Missing item of the day: everything I had in my hand two freaking seconds ago. Literally it was just here.

 And our Mariners  Season Tickets.

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