A Smaller Footprint – Accent on the Foot

Going from 3015 square feet (which makes the house sound big but includes an unfinished basement which is where you put everything anyway so should be included) to 1096 square feet has advantages and disadvantages.

 Advantages: it only takes about an hour to really clean your place the whole mop/vacuum/Windex/dust deal.  

A bit of a straw man since let’s face it, that’s really more theoretical than practical.

 Yes, I could spend about an hour cleaning the place but those DVR’d episodes of Outlander aren’t going to watch themselves.

 Also we have a remote I can talk to!

 I just hold the button, say what I want to watch and it comes on! This throws a spanner in the works when it comes to the whole cleaning thing.

 Also after a glass or two of wine I mess up and call the remote “Siri” and then, because we are living in 1096 square feet, my phone hears me and she starts chirping “Gretchen, I don’t see Jamie Frasier in your contacts”

 Disadvantage of a smaller place : Inventory management. 

We agreed when we moved here that for everything that came in, something would have to go out.  

Which was fine until I read the fine print and realized this agreement includes shoes (which is ridiculous, without shoes you risk everything from ringworm to tetanus) unlike say quarter zip fleece vests with embroidered golf logos which offer no public health benefits at all.  

I was lucky enough to win a pair of shoes in a drawing at Market Street Shoes! And I had just purchased two pairs of shoes. Which I really needed (see ringworm and tetanus) Also we are going to a wedding and needed a pair of shoes to go with my dress.  So in 24 hours I gained 4 pairs of shoes. This sounds like a lot, but do the math. That’s only a pair every 8 hours.  

So out go a pair of toxic Keds, a pair of pinchy but gorgeous black pumps, and two pairs of running shoes (like new. Really: Like. New.)

Exciting news!

 I have been accepted for membership on the Social Committee of Del Boca Sunset!

 Which I found out traditionally meets Wednesdays at either 10 am or 3:30 pm.

 Which works with my schedule except during the week. Which is when Wednesdays traditionally occur.

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