To Russia? With Love?

There has been this big ship parked in front of the marina since Friday.

 My wonderful friend Nancy came over armed with design advice and wine and cheese and wine. After a couple of glasses of wine and some wine we decided to investigate the ship.


When we got close to it we saw

 A) The gang plank was down

B) The door was wide open. So we channeled our inner Lucy and Ethel and went on up.


I kept watch on the deck (aka was too chicken to go in) while Nancy went in and looked around.

On the table of the parlor she saw a manifest type thing at the top it said “Mother Russia”. So we made an escape before causing an international incident.

 Missing item of the day: eyebrow stuff. I feel like I’ve been a live model for this emoji with my eyebrows invisible since we moved in.




A Man a Woman and 1094 Square Feet

We woke up in our new home with a lot of boxes and not a lot of space. In order for our baseboards to be installed everything has to be 5 feet away from the walls. The mathematical impossibility of the bed being 5 feet away from both the east and the west walls sets in.

Missing item of the morning: tweezers. Work around of using pliers rejected.  Although not immediately. 

Still left to unpack: a surprising number of boxes with the cryptic tag “baseball cards”.

Hoping that when the big one hits we are forced to use black V necked tee shirts and pairs of scissors for currency. I WILL BE RICH!

 Stock tip: put your money into Kroeger and what ever company makes those Command Hooks.

 On a related note the Fred Meyer closest to our house is almost out of Command Hooks

Missing item of the day: everything I had in my hand two freaking seconds ago. Literally it was just here.

 And our Mariners  Season Tickets.